Welcome to Vinnie’s Mantiques

Welcome to Vinnie’s Mantiques, the official “unofficial” website for all things “Wendell & Vinnie!”

My name is Jay Kogen. I am a TV writer guy. I’ve written for a lot of shows: “The Simpsons,” “Frasier,” “Malcolm in the Middle,” but my favorite show I’ve ever worked on is “Wendell & Vinnie.” So my friends and I created this website with one purpose in mind: to get the word out about our show and get closer to the people who watch. I want to have a conversation with the fans about what they love and don’t love about the show. I want to know what you want to see. We’re trying to make great show here. It’s not easy to make a show that’s funny. It’s even harder to make a funny show that you kind of care about. And the hardest thing of all is to make a funny show with characters you care about that’s saying something true to our lives. But that is our goal with every episode.

I am proud to say the first season really hits the high mark a lot of the time. This coming from a lot of hard work from a whole crew of people. (If you check in here, you’ll get to meet them!) Most of the episodes are based on something very personal that has happened to me or my writers. And since they’re real we hope they ring true to you. At Vinnie’s Mantiques, we’ll talk about what’s worth showing and what isn’t. You’ll get a chance ask questions of the writers and the stars. And hopefully you’ll think of this show as your show.

Talk to you soon – Jay

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